Thursday, June 25, 2009

Day 2

Today we jumped right in to pressure canning with carrots. I've never canned plain ol' carrots because I don't care much for cooked carrots (except for in soup!). But I found out today that you can add herbs or spices to your pressure canned veggies without breaking any Extension rules! I'd really like to play around with spices like bay leaf and celery seed and whole coriander.

My afternoon group canned both Dilly Beans and Hot Pickled Vegetables (pictured below) which was mostly cauliflower. I never would have dreamed of canning cauliflower before tasting this recipe. Granted, I've only tasted it pre-processing. But I'm pretty sure it rocks! I'll link or post the recipe as soon as I'm not blogging from my Blackberry!
The other groups canned cherry or blueberry pie filling or corn relish. Yum!
Tomorrow's the last day and we'll get to divide up all the canned and dried goods to take home. I'm making a side trip to camp one night in Wisconsin with some friends, so I might not come home with anything left, especially if I get my hands on those Dilly Beans...

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allularpunk said...

i really need to learn to can! all these veggies look awesome :)