Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mississippi Market Has Teese!!!

Come, St. Paul vegans, to reap the cheezy goodness.

Both locations have Teese now. Mozzarella, Cheddar, and Nacho! (Too tempting that Vegan Gourmet is on sale this month, too).

I ate mine with Whole Grain Milling chips, a big handful of fresh cilantro and the awesome Karen's Kitchen Thai "Chicken" from the Randolph deli. It's awesome!

I'd like to say that I shared this plate of nacho makings...But I didn't.


Scott said...

You ate all the food but you shared the fine presentation!

herbivore said...


Al said...

Awesome! I'll be taking a trip to the co-op today just for this stuff.

Oh, and now that you are getting stuff from Chicago Soydairy, you can start carrying Temptation Soy Cream! Ooooh, and Dandies!

Al said...

Then again, I made rocky road soy cream last night. So maybe it's a good thing you don't carry Temptation.

The Voracious Vegan said...

I want some Teese! I've never tried it but WOW! Looks delicious!

Anonymous said...

They have it at the Wedge too! I was excited when I saw it, but still have not tried it it worth the price tag?


Marni said...

Man, I wish my local store would stock Teese. Maybe I could ask them to do so now that Teese is available in smaller sizes. I've been dying to try it.

Your nachos look fabu and I totally could have eaten that plate all by myself, too!