Thursday, May 14, 2009

Garden Update

Thanks for all the sweet words about my garden, everyone!  I just found out today that my blood lead levels are normal (1 mcg/dL).  What a relief!  

We still need to get Mike and the kids tested, but at least we can be a little less nervous now.  I spend an awful lot of time with my hands in the dirt.  So if my levels are normal, chances are better that theirs are, too.  

We also still need to get the results back from our additional soil tests.  I measured the garden, kids' play area, front yard, and finished compost that we just harvested.  The U of MN might block my number if I call them again to see if the results are in yet.  

A few friends have offered to help build raised beds.  So I think I'm going to start planning a "Rebuild Liz's Garden" party.  I think I'll serve "garden party" food, like little cucumber sandwiches, iced tea, and some sort of delightful little cupcake or something [anyone remember garden party Barbie?] .  But first I have to figure out how I want the raised beds laid out... if I want to keep the fence up or take it down to make it easier to get in and out of the much soil, lumber, landscaping fabric, and mulch I need...etc.  Luckily, I love planning.

Anyone know how deep I need to make the raised beds to avoid plants digging their roots through the landscaping fabric and into the leaded soil?  2 feet?  Tomato roots go deep...
I have some research to do.

Thanks again for being so supportive.  And I think I could talk about this at work or at a party now without crying.  I've had some time to deal.  


Vegetation said...

Glad to hear your levels are all normal. I'll keep my fingers crossed for the kids and Mike.

Good luck too with the new garden! I wish I could help but I have a black thumb and know nothing about gardening other than I wish I had one :(

Catherine said...

I'm so glad to hear some good news! Keep us posed -- maybe your garden-rebuilding party would be a perfect opportunity for us to meet in person!?! (I'm happy to help if more sets of hands are needed!)

Al said...

Let us know if you throw that party. Sounds fun!

(Oh, and good news about your lead levels!)

Ashlie C said...

I wish I lived near you! I'd totally do a garden replanting party.

MN_homesteader said...

Please realize that the plants do not take up the lead and the danger is in working in the dirt. I would say go with between 6-8 inch beds to be safe.

Liz said...

MN_Homesteader: I agree that plants taking up the lead is not the MAIN source of lead poisoning, but it can still contribute. Leafy greens, for example, take up a lot more lead than fruiting plants. And leafy greens happen to be one of our main crop! It is reassuring that our food is probably not as much of a concern as the soil, though.

Jess said...

Great to hear your levels are normal!

I so wish I could attend your lovely garden party. Good luck rebuilding!