Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Oh goodness.  I haven't posting anything since Saturday.  I'm sorry dear readers, but I've been busy.  And not busy laying around and eating ice cream either.  [Well, to be honest, I did eat a fair amount of ice cream last night after we discovered our freezer came unplugged at some point during the day.  But I HAD to eat it to save the ice cream.  Coconut milk ice cream should NOT be wasted].

I've been busy planning my garden and price comparing on lumber, soil, and landscaping fabric (Oh, yeah.  And working).  I knew this would be a lot of work, but this is ridiculous!  Mike has cut most of the lumber.  The soil/manure mixture will be delivered Friday.  The crew is coming on Saturday.  Today I finished with the purchases and moved on to the things I've been
 neglecting.  Like community ed. class proposals, cleaning up this messy house, taking a shower, putting away my winter clothes (it was over 90 degrees!) and finally, blogging.

You haven't missed much in the way of cooking because it's been a pretty standard diet of pasta and tofu, rice and tofu, rice and cabbage around here these days.  Oh, wait.  I did make some potato salad and pinto beans.  That's it for creativity, though. 

I just got finished with everything and cooked up some eggplant and home-canned tomatoes over quinoa a few minutes ago. 
 I used red chiles, cumin, and coriander to spice it up.  Yum!  I ended up adding some soy yogurt raita after my first helping because it needed a little something extra.  

I promise lots of garden-in-progress pictures soon!


The Voracious Vegan said...

Mmm....what a tasty meal! I look forward to seeing pictures of your fledgling garden!!

Catherine said...

I was hasty in guessing we'd be able to come help on Saturday . . . things have come up. Boo! But I look forward to seeing pictures -- good luck!