Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Breakfast

Since most of our celebrating was done this past weekend, I'm really enjoying my time off  of work with no pressure to entertain or really do much of anything.  

But I needed to do something special this morning- even if we weren't opening presents or anything.  So of course, that something special was breakfast!

We had wheat free corn pancakes with cranberry-maple syrup, bacon-y baked tofu, and homemade apple cider.  The pancakes were fluffy with little bursts of (MN grown) sweet corn.  

Let me tell you, though- this was not a good meal for blood sugar levels.  With the super sweet cider and maple syrup, both Mike and I quickly zoned out and went back to bed to hibernate.  

I'm thinking about using this corn pancake for an upcoming spot our co-op has on Kare11.  I get to demonstrate a recipe that shows how you can eat locally in the dead of winter!  Fun!  I figure I can demonstrate this easy corn pancake recipe with local cornmeal, corn, soymilk, and barley flour and then talk about the local eggs and sausages without actually having to cook with them.

It can be a little tricky to stay honest and true to my beliefs while still doing my job to promote ALL of our local farmers and products at the co-op.  I have to draw the line at actually cooking with ingredients I wouldn't use myself- But I'm perfectly fine talking about production methods and quality standards for the egg, dairy, and meat farmers we endorse.  I figure I'll give people the info (with plenty of vegan options!) and let them choose what is right for themselves.  

So anyways, I'm glad these pancakes turned out really tasty.  I'll probably test them out a few more times before I have to make them on camera, though!  


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas!!! ( I had vegan panckaes too, teehee)

Bex said...

Merry Christmas! The pancakes sound great, sugar and all.

herbivore said...

When are you going to be on Kare11? I really want to see it!

Joanna said...

your breakfast looks awesome. i didn't even feel like cooking this morning. i'm glad you enjoyed yourself anyways.

Anonymous said...

What a yummy looking breakfast! Did you create the recipe for the bacon-y tofu? It sounds good! I'd like to see your Kare11 spot too! You should post the video!

aTxVegn said...

Merry Christmas! I'm enjoying some pressure free time off as well, and it is GREAT so enjoy.

I like your strategy for the demo in the local foods class.

Marni said...

Sugar comas are fun. :) Your breakfast looks and sounds awesome!

allularpunk said...

very yummy looking pancakes! good luck making them on air and also talking about the not-so-awesome stuff :) you're a trooper haha