Sunday, February 24, 2008

Is it Spring Yet?

I've got Spring Fever bad and it's still February. I might have to get some grow lights and plant lettuce in my basement. Actually, I could. At the Organic Farming conference we learned about Growing Power's operations which use aquaponic systems to raise all sorts of greens, tomatoes, sprouts, and even fish in greenhouses all year long in Milwaukee. I won't be raising fish in my basement, but I am considering making/buying some row covers for my garden to extend our short growing season.

Today I started planning this year's garden. This is a long thoughtful process that involves buying way too many seeds and way too much graph paper...and I love every second of it.
Some things are a given- Of course we'll grown tons of kale, tomatoes, and hot peppers. But we'll have to decide if we want to plant Japanese eggplants again and if we want to grow potatoes at the house garden or the community garden.
Of course, right now there's not much I can do besides plan because my garden's under a foot of snow and the compost bin is frozen solid.

So I'll snuggle inside today, eating last year's harvest from the freezer and pickling jars and dream of warmer weather.

Little Trouble cat has never been outside or seen a Spring. She's fallen in love with sunshine, though. Especially when it shines on the laundry bin.


Anonymous said...

I hear you about spring fever...this winter has been unusually cold with all of the below zero temps! I am ready for spring!


ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Wow, I’m super-impressed at the amount of planning that goes into your garden!

Liz said...

i took that picture oh that cat and you didn't even give me credit for it. I expect royalties- mike