Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Recipe Organizing!

I'm finally doing it.
I'm organizing my recipes.
I'm been meaning to do this for ages. The spiral notebooks are bulging, the scraps of paper are faded and ripped. The computer files are scattered on DVDs, USB drives, and in free recipe software programs lost when my hard drive crashed.
I was scoping out prices on MasterCook when I remembered that my new versions of MS office came with something called Microsoft OneNote. I figured- What the heck? Maybe I'll take a look and see what that program does.


This program allows me to easily type in my recipe, organize it into a certain book and within that into a certain section. I can move the text around really easily, post pictures, web pages, blog it, anything! And I can search for text anywhere within the book or section I want. Even text within pictures. It is beautiful. So far I've made it through the scraps of paper and started one notebook. It's so much fun to go through all my food porn pictures and match them up to the recipes!


jaxin said...

Oooh! Good to know! I've been testing out all the recipe software trial offers, but have been hesitant to pony up the dough.

Tami said...

Wow....that is inspiring. And ambitious. Just think how awesome you'll feel when you're done.

Vegyogini said...

Wow, that sounds so cool! You're going to feel incredible when you complete this project. :)

moro said...

My mom was complaining about her old school recipes, that have been passed down from generation to generation, falling apart. Not wanting to have to re-write them every few years, I decided to make her an online recipe organizer to keep her recipes.
While figuring out how to make it/what features I should implement, I decided to make it so that anyone can register a user and upload their recipes as well.

I invite anyone who is having the same problems to go to

and make a user to back up your recipes and be able to access them anywhere with an internet connection.

Also you can view other recipes users have uploaded to get new idea's and add new recipes to your cooking repertoire.

Organize - Print - Email

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Mike Brittain said...

Check out One tsp. for managing your recipes online. It's similar to other recipe management software but has the added benefit that you can view all of your recipes and shopping lists on your mobile phone (iPhone, Blackberry, etc.)