Thursday, December 6, 2007

Food Laziness

Yesterday I did the ultimate lazy dinner. I paid Pizza Luce to make spaghetti and deliver it to my doorstep. I know... Spaghetti is so easy! Why not just cook it myself?!
Because I was too tired and didn't want to have to DO anything. And because Pizza Luce's Spaghetti with "Veggie Balls" is so insanely good. (The name veggie balls, though, is so awkward that I can barely bring myself to say it when I order).
See how good it looks?!!! The garlic bread is so good, too!

Tonight I had the pleasure of assisting Gabriele Kushi in a cooking class called "Pumpkin to Squash". It was fun! We made buttercup squash soup, stuffed buttercup squash (with quinoa, raisin, and almond stuffing), and Pumpkin Pie. Everything was macrobiotic, vegan, and gluten free. YUM! Everyone seemed to enjoy the class and had tons of good questions.

Now, though, I'm pooped out again! It's late and somehow I'm hungry again, despite all the good food in the class. Time to whip up something quick and easy again. But I'll make it myself tonight!


Vegan_Noodle said...

Delivery is a neccesary evil. Plus, that looks pretty darn good for take out....

Anonymous said...

I have never actually been to Pizza Luce...I need to give it a try! I have heard so many good things about it.

I think you deserve to order in every once in a while--all of your food always looks so good!


Liz² said...

oh yum, that spaghetti looks mad delicous. maybe it's the whole eating out of metal take-out container thing, I dunno, I love food like that. And congrats on your classes, they sound like so much fun!