Thursday, March 10, 2011

Plans for Spring

It's time to start my garden planning!  While I know that it'll be at least a month and probably two before I can plant anything, I have to start planning my garden now for my sanity.  The snow was melty today and my sundresses were calling my name.  Even the cats are starting to consider going outside again (they change their minds when they see the snow, but they keep checking).

Part of my restlessness comes from recently attending the MOSES Organic Farming Conference a couple of weeks ago.   Being surrounded by farmers just makes me want to plant something!   While at the conference I picked up a couple of elderberry sticks.  These little twigs will sprout new elderberry bushes this year.  For now they're forming roots and shoots in a little mason jar in my kitchen.  Soon they'll be growing among the day lilies in the backyard!   Then I can make juice, jam and tinctures with them!

I picked up something else exciting at the conference: Shiitake mushroom plugs!  These thimble-shaped plugs will fit into holes drilled into fresh logs in the yard and produce shiitakes for about 3 years.  I might have gone a bit overboard by getting so many... especially considering that I'm the only person in my family who likes shiitakes.  Luckily, I have some friends who will soon have freshly cut logs for me and I'll supply them with some plugs.

Also new for the garden plan this year: hazelnuts, okra and asparagus (assuming it successfully comes back).  Oh, I can't wait for spring!


Stephanie said...

I'm with you on waiting for spring! I stopped at City Hall today and renewed my plot at the community garden. I grew okra last year - the flowers are beautiful - I pickled the fruit with good results.

Catherine said...

WOW. Shiitakes in your backyard? Sometime I have to come to your house, have a tour, then sit down and cry from envy!!! ;)

Anonymous said...

OMG...I was already jealous of your garden in the first place, but then you throw in shiitake mushrooms too?!?! I am now insanely jealous and green with envy!


foodfeud said...

"The snow was melty" Haha aww, you really want spring, don't you? Godspeed the crocuses.