Saturday, March 12, 2011

New Favorite Things

I'm totally in love with these products this week.  No, no one is paying me to tell you about some super-sexy, trendy products.  These foods are about as un-sexy as you can get.  That's right, I'm excited about crackers and prunes.

Despite what you might think from this selection, I am not constipated.  
But I DO love whole grains and delicious fruit!  

I'm a longtime fan of Wasa brand crackers, but sometimes they're just a bit too...crunchy.  And healthy.  These thin & crispy Wasa crackers are light and crispy, with big salt flakes on top and excellent rosemary flavor.  While they're not 100% whole grain, they are mostly whole grain and really fantastic spread with hummus or chevre of the cashew or goat variety.  I've stocked up just in case my co-op runs out.

I got a craving for prunes earlier this week and figured that wasn't the sort of craving I should ignore (unlike my cravings for chocolate, peanut butter and salty snacks).  The organic d'noir prunes are made by Sunsweet-  I didn't even know they made organic fruits or that we carried any of their products at my co-op, so I was really surprised to #1: see that these were organic and #2: taste how freaking amazing they are.  But after checking them out, I found out that they're a cooperative- Hooray!  Love those grower co-ops.  I seriously had to ration these out for myself because I could have eaten the whole bag in one sitting.  Dangerous!!!  They weren't fully dried like so many other, not-awesome, prunes.  These are plump, moist and packed with plum-y flavor.

I think I'll dedicate this post to the fact that I'll be turning 30 next Sunday.  This is the start of old age, people. Prunes and crackers.


Catherine said...

Liz, you're so funny! :) I haven't had prunes in ages, but remember loving them. I think my favorite thing is their texture -- kind of "snappy," in my opinion! :)

Frugal Vegan Mom said...

I really like prunes too - and prune juice! I started drinking it when I got pregnant for some vitamin...iron? Can't remember now. But people thought I was nuts. I always water it down with at least half water though!

Anonymous said...

what a crazy coincidence....... that same day, I bought the same for a change of pace and the other because it was on sale....synchronicity hmm....

Anonymous said...

I love all dried fruits...including prunes! Those sound sooooo good :-)


Anonymous said...

This is so hilarious! Hooray for prunes. I love 'em, and since having children, have (ahem) needed them.