Thursday, November 25, 2010

On the Table

Like every year, my Thanksgiving dinner is on Friday.  So today, while all of you are stressing out...I'm enjoying an extra day off work, relaxing and slowly prepping ingredients for tomorrow's meal.  But don't be too jealous.  Having Thanksgiving on Friday means that Thursday is a little lonely.  And that everyone coming to my dinner has already had their fill of Thanksgiving the day before.  Plus, half of my guests are omnivores!

I planned out my meal and then peeked at my post from last year.  Surprise!  I planned nearly the exact same thing that I did the year before.

To start:
Homemade pickles (green bean, cucumber, okra, beet)
Roasted chestnuts
Hot local cider

For the meal:
Cornbread dressing
Mashed potatoes
Spinach casserole
Roasted portabellos
Roasted garden carrots and parsnips
Cranberry sauce

For dessert:
Pumpkin ice cream pie with GF graham crust and a salted caramel sauce
Pecan pie truffles

Mike just asked me if this was going to be enough food.  I had my doubts until I saw it all written out.  This should do it.  I'll get ya'll some photos tomorrow!


Jackie Smith (the other one) said...

Liz, your meal sounds delicious! I like your tradition of having a big dinner on Friday--less running & rushing on Wednesday. Have a wonderful day!

Catherine said...

If I wasn't in Milwaukee right now, I'd be banging your door down for a gallon of salted caramel sauce!!!!!!!