Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Gallery of meals

Shameful! No blog post in a week!
Here are my excuses, in no particular order:
  • My stepsons are back in school, with all that entails.
  • I taught 3 canning classes last week
  • I haven't done much cooking really
So here's a few of the things I have eaten in the last week or two... I'll blog about salsa canning tomorrow!

Blackberries and borage flowers from the garden. The blackberries have been fat this year!

Tonight: polenta cakes with a quick ratatouille and baked tofu on top. Gotta use up that basil!

Tomato "au jous". I'm calling it that because I dipped my sandwich in it and it was freakin' amazing. Fake ham sandwich with lots of Veganaise on baguette, soaked in tomato/basil/garlic juices.

Baked seitan in the style of SusanV's "ribz" and smothered in a thrown together barbecue sauce. Served over a finely chopped garden kale salad with cherry tomatoes and homemade ranch. Hell yes.

Apple, kale, parsley, mint, ginger, lemon juice. Yum! So green and refreshing!


Catherine said...

Wow! Those blackberries are fantastic. And your juice sounds so delicious and healthy and refreshing! Mmmmmmmm!!!!

Amy P. said...

What a crazy,fun, interesting sounding drink! I just may have to try that.

Cafe Cyan said...

I haven't made Susan V's ribz in quite some time. Sounds like I should get to it!

Can't wait for your salsa post. I'm doing salsa this week.

Anonymous said...

Those blackberries look gorgeous with the borage flowers! Also, I love the sound of that juice... mmm, green juice with lemony goodness!