Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Mixer Update

After much deliberation and advice from ya'll, I contacted the KitchenAid folks about my ever-broken mixer.  Sadly, they told me that since my warranty was expired, the best thing I could do was take it back to the repair shop...or use a $30 off coupon for an online purchase. 

I decided that I have nothing to lose by taking it back to the repair shop- if it's the same problem, it's free.  If it's a new problem, I'll most likely just get a new mixer.  So I'm back to life without the mixer for a while- the repair process can take 2-4 weeks!  Thanks so much for all the advice everyone offered.  I'll post as soon as I get any news!

I took last week off from bread baking and it was liberating.  Sometimes when fun things become routine and more like obligations, they lose their fun.  That started happening with my bread baking.  But after a little time off I'm ready to bake again.  Plus, it's super rainy and thunderstormed this morning, so baking is exactly what I want to do today!

If it hadn't been raining, though, I was going to be in the garden planting.  So I am a little bummed about the weather.  My little cauliflower and broccoli plants in the basement are about ready to join the real world and meet the real sun!

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