Monday, June 9, 2008

What's Growing

Usually my weekends are filled with cooking, but I did more relaxing than cooking this past weekend. I relied on easy salads and Galactic Pizza made with locally grown ingredients to get me through the weekend without too much effort. So instead of Liz-made goodies, I'll show you some garden-made goodies.
For the last 2 years I've let some of this lettuce go to seed so that it pops up first thing in the spring. I think it's the buttercrunch variety- it is so tender! This looks like a million heads of lettuce are trying to fit as close to the path as possible. In the corner there are the carrots which are looking quite hardy already.

Here are the snap peas- just starting to flower. We also planted lima beans and green beans this year.
Last week we got our first ripe strawberry and now we're getting about 2-3 per day. Just look at all the little green babies in this picture! The mulberry tree has plenty of green "berries" (not technically berries, but collective fruits) on its branches now. It won't be long before we'll be harvesting about 2 quarts a week!
And here's the garden (except for the potato bed, the separate herb garden, and the berry patch) (oh, and the community garden plot that houses the squash). We've had so much rain in the last 2 weeks that I haven't had to water at all! All I've needed to do is a few hours of weeding and planting some more carrots. I love lazy gardening.


Hannah said...

Your garden is so impressive, I can't contain my envy! I think we'll be lucky to harvest 2 strawberries for ours this year... It's looking much more like a patch of weeds than a true "garden".

Sarah Elise said...

I want the full tour.