Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I just finished teaching my "Vegetarian Trinity: Tofu, Tempeh, and Seitan" class tonight. I think it went over really well. We had barbecue seitan, tempeh sausage, and lemon-herb tofu crisps. So I've tasted and cooked enough protein to last me for weeks! Hopefully these folks will be inspired to give tofu a try again or finally try to make their own seitan.

Tonight I couldn't imagine cooking anything else, so I just picked some lettuce and snap peas from the garden for a big salad.
{Does anyone want any lettuce? I can't seem to use up all the lettuce in the garden and it's going to be bitter soon. How many mixing bowls of lettuce do I have to eat in a day?}

Anyways, the snap peas are just out of this world right now! I picked some up at the farmer's market this past weekend and cooked them up last night with some zucchini and tons of herbs and served them alongside some boiled potatoes.

Then we got in our local snap peas at the co-op...Yippee! They are better than candy. First a crisp, loud snap and then the crunch. Last comes the rich sweetness that you just can't get from sugar. I'm really enjoying them raw or quickly cooked in some Earth Balance and herbs. How do you cook your snap peas?


Vegan Next Door said...

Pleasure finding your blog...And to answer your question, I like them oven roasted in olive oil with lotsa fresh garlic & black pepper :)

Greg Secaur said...

Liz, my partner Kelly and I were in the Vegetarian Trinity class last night, and we had a great time. I wrote about it on my own blog,

We've usually roasted our snap peas in oil with salt and garlic, much like the previous commenter, but if we roast an assortment of vegetables, the peas always end up overdone. Most recently, we just steamed them and hit them some salt and pepper when they came out, and they were perfect.

Courtney said...

I got some snap peas at the Minneapolis farmers market too! And I like them just sweet and good!


Greg Secaur said...

I made a batch of the jerky-style lemon-pepper tofu you talked about in the Veg Trinity class, and while the jerky was delicious it was a bit too salty. So last night we made a batch of lemon-pepper tofu cubes, which you demonstrated at the class.

They didn't puff up quite like yours did, and since the jerky had been too salty I reduced the salt by a third, which left these not-salty-enough. But they were still delicious -- I ate them as croutons on my salad and also by themselves as finger food.

I forgot to ask if you have those recipes archived on your site (or anywhere else) so that I can link to them, or if you would mind if I posted them on my own blog with proper attribution to you.

Erin said...

I eat snap peas raw, with dip. In fact, I don't think I ever considered cooking them since they're so good raw!