Thursday, June 5, 2008

We have a visitor

I came home from work yesterday to find the kids spying on this little guy up in our apple tree. It was daylight then and he was chillin' in the tree, eating a cupcake.
Yes, I said eating a cupcake.
You see, when I burned those cupcakes last weekend, I threw a good number of them into the compost bin- wrappers and all. Apparently raccoons and squirrels like cupcakes, because we've found the wrappers in the yard and now in the apple tree. I think it's time to get a lid for the compost bin!


Erin said...

A raccoon eating a cupcake sounds friggin cute.

Al said...

Wow. Even the raccoons love your cupcakes!

jessy said...
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jessy said...

aaaaaaahahaha! that is too funny, Liz! the raccoons (and squirrels) dig through our compost pile, too! it's nuts! i'm sure they super loved the goodies though!