Friday, May 16, 2008

On the brighter side...

I suppose not being able to smell isn't all bad. For example, when I go into the basement I can't smell the gross dank smell that usually hovers around the stairs. And I can't smell anyone's body odor, including my own (I'm pretty sure it's rank, though). And I can't smell the dog's cabbage farts or the stinky garbage!

I consider chips and salsa to be medicinal, both for emotional comfort and sinus-clearing capability. Today I ate about 16 oz. of homemade salsa that included 1/2 a raw onion, 6 jalapeƱos, and 4 cloves of garlic. I couldn't taste it, but I'm pretty sure it killed any germs in my body. I also picked up some rue and fennel eye drops that a co-worker recommended for my eyes. The pink eye that was in my left eye (and cleared up yesterday) has spread to my right eye now.
I know this post is already a far deviation from my usual subject of food. And I'm about to take it further. I really love gross stuff. Like I LOVE picking the cat's eye boogers, scratching dandruffy scalps, and picking scabs. So here's a photo for all who share my disgust/love.

I got these after 5 minutes of laying down with my eye shut and a warm compress applied. I can't wait to see how gross it'll be in the morning!

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