Saturday, May 24, 2008

Chocolatey Goodness

I'm probably not going to be eating chocolate for a while. No, it's not Lent... or a fast... or a protest in honor of mistreated cacao farmers... or even a new vow of food snobbery. I'm just disgusted.

Today we left the house for about 4 hours to go in search of a new car. The Golf is slowly dying with its bad transmission and is getting really bad gas mileage because of it. We could get a new transmission, but it would cost about as much as the value of the we're pretty sure about a '03 Saturn station wagon. Anyways-

When we returned so that Mike could get ready for work, we opened the door to something like 10 dark brown puddles across our living room and kitchen. The TV remote control was sitting in the middle of one of them. And the place REEKED of chocolate.

After tiptoeing around on the few spots of clean hardwood floor, I discovered 4 empty bags of chocolate chips.

Why yes, so kind of you to ask. Those are the Tropical Source chocolate chips I special ordered a case of. And, yes, they are something like $5 a bag.

Those chocolate chips have been sitting in their cardboard box in our kitchen for weeks and Hannah hasn't so much as sniffed them. For some reason today she decided to open the box and eat half of the remaining bags and then vomit them up all over my house. If you're a bored dog who hasn't had her walk yet today, I can see how this might be appealing.

No need to worry- Hannah has a good gag reflex and tends to either vomit up or poop out all the harmful things she eats (chocolate, ibuprofen, condoms, pens, etc.). By the time we got home she was wagging her tail and prancing around.

She had a slight mishap later tonight when the remaining bit of chocolate ran its course. But what's one more steaming pile of chocolate on the floor after cleaning up ten?

Hannah's doing fine, but I'm not so perky. Our house smells like vinegar sanitizer and chocolate and I can't even imagine wanting to bake brownies.


Anonymous said...

That's terrible! Chocolate doo-doo and vomit... ewww.

Liz² said...

I'm glad she's okay!

Erin said...

Yuck. Sounds like enough to turn anyone off of chocolate for a while. Hopefully it'll come back to you.

jessy said...

wow! i'm glad Hannah's okay! but wow - that really sucks! having to clean up that much icky stuff - ugh. i wouldn't want chocolate for a while either. eek!