Thursday, May 26, 2011

Berry Patch Clean-up

After a couple days of weeding and hauling mulch, the berry patch is finally looking good! If only it would stay this tidy... Can't wait for these berries!


Catherine said...

Liz, do you have any idea how much food you produce from your backyard? From this end, it seems amazing!!!!????!?!?!

Anonymous said...

Wait, you have a berry patch?! Didn't we go berry picking last year together (and not in your back yard, lol)? What kind of berries do you grow?


Liz said...

Catherine- I do! 202 lbs. a year.

Courtney- I do have a berry patch, but I rarely get enough raspberries. We get a crazy amount of strawberries, though!

Anonymous said...

Strawberries are even better, if you ask me!