Sunday, February 6, 2011

Boomerang Errands

My vacation is coming to an end this weekend.  It's been a fabulous 11 days off of work with plenty of relaxation and family time.  I've never read so many forensic pathology mystery novels within such a short period of time (six?!).  With Mike injured and the kids sick, it's been like a hospital ward in our living room, but it was kind of nice to have everyone home and lounging around all week!

But you know me. I had to have a big to do list for the vacation, too.  I go crazy if I don't accomplish something each day, so this was really for my own sanity that  I set goals for my vacation.  The universe was working against me, though.  All of my errands were of the boomerang variety.

In The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, she writes about errands that result in more errands- She calls them boomerang errands.  These are rarely satisfying and end up lengthening your to do list rather than shortening it.  She advises that the important thing is to just get started on them. This was my week.

Task: Add a stabilizing back to my nose snail so it stops moving around. (The snail is a combo stud and ring designed by Verno at The Holy Mackerel)
  Resulting Task: Two days later, ring has loosened and I have to go back for another appt.  Maybe because I had the sniffles and kept blowing my nose?  Luckily, it's a free appt.

Task: Get the scratch on my car fixed (It was keyed in December)
  Resulting Task: After 2 appointments at the dealership during the vacation, they tell me that it won't buff out and will cost $1,200 to fix.  Then had to file a police report to file an insurance claim.  Now have to contact insurance agent and make another appt. at dealership and leave my car for 3-4 days.

Task: Get teeth cleaned
  Resulting Task: Teeth are clean, but have cavities (Noooooo!!!!!!!).  Two more appointments scheduled now.  Dentist says to buy an electric toothbrush so I stop over-brushing.

Task: Get my annual physical
  Resulting Task: Doc says to get massage or chiropractic care for my crazy tense shoulders/neck and headaches.  (Darn!  I have to get lots of massages? :)  )  More appointments scheduled.  Also must locate evening primrose oil in vegetarian capsules (my favorite brand discontinued it) because it is my wonder drug.

Task: Take Hannah to the vet for shots and check up
  Resulting Task: Increased her Benedryl to try to make her stop scratching her face off.  Didn't work.  Now need a follow-up appointment for steroids or prescription food.  Awesome.

Task: Meet with home insurance rep. to update coverage
  Resulting Task: Not done.  First need to get grandma's ring appraised.  7-10 days later I can pick it up and then schedule an appointment.

So while I know that I got plenty done during my vacation, I'm left with a longer list than I started with.  Oh, well.  At least I still found plenty of time to work out every day, read every day, eat good food, sleep late, and generally just lounge around.  Here's a great example of some of my favorite activities:

Eating almond milk ice cream, reading a mystery novel, snuggling with the animals and surrounded by the space heater and heating pad.  I love multi-tasking.


Catherine said...

I wish my cat layed on me like that! Oliver is of the "close by but not touching" variety. Darn.

I've never heard of "boomerang" errands before. I'm trying to think of some that I partake in . . . maybe the library, since I always have to go back and return the books? But then I get more, so I guess it's two birds with one stone?

Anonymous said...

11 days off?!? Oh my goodness...I am so jealous :-)


morgen said...

Lizzie I LOVE that picture of you and your buddies! So cute. That's all I want to do this time of the year.