Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween Elves!

One of my very favorite things to do each year is to make the kids' Halloween costumes.  I don't do much sewing, other than mending, during the rest of the year.  I have plenty of good intentions to sew other things, but most of those items are tucked away in my little sewing desk.  

But letting the kids design their own costumes is crazy fun and I really love a good project.  So we go all out! 

This year they both wanted  to be elves (not the Santa variety).  So we busted out the mythical creature &  Dungeons and Dragons reference books and got to work designing.  Basically, they found items they liked in the books or thought them up on their own- I drew them out and then we headed to the fabric store.  

I seriously love it when these boys get into the crafty spirit.  They actually LIKE going to the fabric store!  The sewing process is something I mostly do on my own, but the boys helped refine the designs and recommend any changes needed.  It was sort of like Project Runway, but with a smaller budget and more felt.

G opted to be more of a nature-y elf with leaves around his collar and a leaf-shaped hat.

S is more of a warrior elf with totally adorable felt elf ears and wrist cuffs.  

I'm so excited for them to get to wear these this weekend!  Anyone else have some cool costumes they made?


Jessica said...

Oh, those look awesome! My mom would always make my costumes and she really went all-out some years. I really like all the leaves.

This year I am dressing up like a football fan (pretending to care, since the big day is on Sunday).

Shannon said...

Here is Link as Link from Ledgend of Zelda last year.

Shannon said...

Here is Link dressed up as Link from Ledgend of Zelda last year.

Catherine said...

WOW, Liz! Those look amazing. We always made our costumes as kids, but nothing that elaborate! :)

I hate how everyone just goes to Target and buys a costume off a hanger, now. Waaa! Boring!

Anonymous said...

Great job! They look fantastic.

I didn't make my oldest daughter's costume this year, but I made some accessories to go along with it; she's dressing up as "Pinkalicious", a character from a book with the same name. Sewing is definitely a skill at which I wish I was more adept!

Happy Halloween!

Anonymous said...

Wow, those are really impressive! You are good :-)


Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

So cool!