Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Travel tip

I'm on an unexpected trip right now because my grandmother passed away this past Saturday. She was 91 and had a wonderful, full life and I'm sure I'll be sharing more memories about her soon. For now, though, I have to share my hunger.

Usually when I travel I plan out some "just in case meals". You know, the things you can eat from your suitcase when all you can find is McDonald's or KFC. But this time I just grabbed some trail mix, pretzels, and organic ramen. Well, thank goodness for the ramen because Applebee's seems to think that every salad needs a dead animal on top of it. And cheese, too. I was able to substitute a portobello mushroom for the chicken in my salad, but a girl can't live on salad alone!

So here's my recipe for ramen in a hotel room:

Add 2 cups of water to the coffee maker. Crunch up the ramen a bit and empty the noodles and seasoning pack into the coffee pot. You'll be tempted to leave off the filter basket or carafe lid to avoid coffee flavor in your soup, but don't. Trust me- it'll make a big mess. Turn on the coffee maker and "brew" until all the water has dripped through.
If it's a fancy hotel, serve your soup in a glass water cup. Otherwise, eat it straight out of the coffee pot. I carry a bamboo spork with me at all times and it really came in handy of this trip!
Eat your ramen in bed while watching cable and enjoying the air conditioner.
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selina said...

very ingenious! i like it!

Vegetation said...

I'm sorry to read about your Grandma. Losing a loved one is never easy.

The food tip is a wonderful one!

Anonymous said...

ugh, it is not easy or satisfying to eat vegan at applebees. i love the travel food tip. i always try to travel with soy milk in my suitcase too, haha. i'm sorry for your loss.

Erin said...

Sorry for the cause of your trip, but glad you had at least something to eat! Very clever tip here.