Thursday, July 8, 2010


I love lists.  They make me sane and calm me down.

I found this list of "Things I Hate" from my MySpace page in 2005.  Somehow that seems like a long time ago now. Thought it'd be fun to repost it here.

I hate:
my computer because it shut down after i typed this whole $%^&*(*  list and now i have to retype it
dust bunnies
knick-nacks with no purpose
cottage cheese served with canned fruit
kentucky and anything associated with kentucky
daylight savings time
athletic shoes with neon colors
the obsene number of phone books that i receive every year
musical chairs
cleaning up dog pee, cat pee, little boy pee (same goes for poop)
library fines
video fines
warm root beer
pants with tapered legs
top sheets
high waisted underwear
cream of wheat
vacuuming the stairs
the smell of hamburger meat cooking
soggy cereal.  actually, any cereal.  i just hate it.
baseball caps with unfolded brims
dishrags and anything contaminated by their touch
cat litter
things in the refrigerator without a lid
leftover halves of bananas
crumbs in my bed
clothes that mildew in the washer because i forget to dry them
overcooked carrots
"bagless cyclonic" vacuum commercials on tv
dirty hand towels
hand towels that are too fancy to use
soggy french toast
dog smell
the way tofu gets pink mold
how little boys always pee on the toilet seat
country style decorating
the kids on Barney (especially Tina)
changing clothes/showering/getting out of bed in the winter
wearing socks in the summer
the way graham crackers are packaged
horses (nothing against them personally- just the freudian associations and the how little girls get obsessed with them and don't always grow out of that phase)
lotus notes email
how deodorant pulls my armpit hair and then turns all foamy and gross
potatoes that turn green way too fast
the way my closet is -20 degrees right now and will be 115 in the summer
fancy yoga shirts that are so low cut that your boobs fall out in headstand
peeling oranges
all those plastic surgery shows on tv
having to take the recycling bin back inside after it's picked up


Catherine said...

Liz, your list makes me laugh! I hate a lot of those things, too.

miss v said...

really. top sheets - what's the point?

clawhammer mike said...

"kentucky and anything associated with kentucky"

This s not acceptable as most of the tunes I play are from kentucky. Ad justifified is set in Kentucky. I think you have to rethink this one. It is not fair or just