Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Little Sprouts

It's terribly hard to resist planting seeds when it's been sunny and warm and will be warm for the next week.  My heart says, "Just plant!  Imagine how early your green beans could be!"  But my brain says, "No!  You know it's never safe to plant before Mother's Day in this climate!"

What to do, what to do?

For now, I'm enjoying the perennials that have have decided to start growing again, despite the ever-present risk of cold weather in April.  I have some newcomers to the garden this year and I'm proud to say that they survived the winter!

The Pear Tree is budding!

The Apricot Tree is budding!

I can't wait to see how these little trees grow this year.  I'm not expecting any fruit, but I'm hoping that next year I'll get a few pieces.  Our apple tree is leafing out nicely, too, but it won't produce fruit this year. That's okay because I still have 8 quarts of applesauce from last year's harvest!

Apple tree looking green and gorgeous

Here's the bay tree- It grew quite a bit indoors over the winter and shot up another couple inches this past month.  I'll have to prune it back next year to fit it in the house!

The chives are already looking happy

The garlic is popping up and I've stolen a few scapes to use in salads already

The rhubarb is just poking its leaves out of the ground now.  Rhubarb crisp is still a ways off...

This lemon thyme wins the heartiest plant of 2009 award.  I forgot to water it all the time and it just has a little box to grow in.  But as soon as the snow melted, it greened up and started sending lemony scent into the air.  The kids like to steal little leaves to chew on.  

So there's not too much to eat out of the garden yet, but there's potential...And I haven't even planted anything yet!  I love perennials!


Darla Mae said...

Oh man,I'm right there with you!! It is too early to plant where I live in Ohio,but we have had so many lovely days that I WANT TO PLANT NOW!!!!! LOL But I am being,(reluctently)patient! Here's to a great growing season for us all!!

CallieK said...

I'm a gambler so I say go for it! If you plant a few beans now and get hit by frost you're no further behind, just have to reseed. Here in Toronto we seem to be a bit ahead of you - my rhubarb is almost ready and I've been eating green onions since Easter. My peas, rapini and lettuces are in the ground and I have tomatoes in containers already that go out in the day and come back in at night.

Happy Growing!